Road Trippin’

“Because the greatest part of a road trip is not always the destination, it’s all the crazy moments that happen along the way.” 

As our time in Savannah came to an end, we discussed our next destination, the west coast. I always wanted to be a California girl- they’re undeniable; daisy dukes, bikinis on top. Okay, but seriously I have always wanted to visit the Golden State.

We had a couple of different options, L.A, Santa Barbara and San Francisco to name a few. We put in for all of them and then it was just a waiting game, a race to see who’d get back to us first. The winner, San Francisco!

We were elated. Big city livin’ in one of the most sought after destinations in the States, not to mention, FULL HOUSE.  It’s like I could see my childhood with the Tanner family flashing before me.


So now, it was time to plan our road trip. That’s right. We were going to drive from New Jersey to San Francisco. We looked at a map and drew a line from New Jersey to San Francisco. Okay, we didn’t actually have a physical map because it’s not the 1900’s. What are we cavemen? We Google mapped our route from NJ to San Fran and we were actually pleasantly surprised with how many awesome cities were right along the route.


We planned our week long journey across the beautiful U.S.of A with stops in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, and a TBD. We packed up the car and Nala, downloaded some podcasts and playlists for entertainment and went on our merry way.

First stop, Pittsburgh; home of the Steel men. Growing up, my dad was a Steelers fan so I was really excited to check out the Steel city. (Disclaimer: this is the ONLY Pittsburgh team that is cool.  Suck it, Crosby.)  Anyway, we stayed downtown and we absolutely loved the city. The stadium is right on the water and it’s as cool as it looks on TV.IMG_4288

We checked out an awesome little spot for dinner right downtown called Butcher and the Rye. The interior is awesome, and the food and the drinks were pretty spectacular.

Our next stop was Chi-town. The windy city. Bring on the deep dish pizza and the superstitions about baseball. Side note: I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little stitious. -Michael Scott – Me

Anyway, Chicago is another fantastic city (as long as it’s not winter). We checked out Millenium Park and ate some deep dish cheeseless- yes cheeseless- pizza at the famous Lou Malnati’s.  We also got a drink at The World Famous Billy-Goat Tavern. It was a really cool atmosphere and even though I’m not the biggest baseball fan, you have to appreciate the history.

From there we headed to Omaha, Nebraska. Now believe me, when we decided that Omaha was a stop on our trip, I had no clue what to expect. Heck, I really only knew the name of the city because of good ol’ Peyton. Omaha! Omaha! Hut! Hut!

Omaha had a cute little downtown area. Our favorite place was called Inside the Looking Glass, a Cigars and Spirits shop. Now I know you may be thinking–well, if the best part of Omaha is a cigar shop then it must be pretty lame, right? Don’t be fooled, there’s more to meet the eye here.

If you pull on a special vintage bottle of wine, Voila! A secret passage opens and you’ll enter the Wicked Rabbit–one of the coolest speakeasies that I’ve ever been too. It’s a twist on Alice and Wonderland and the atmosphere is really cool.


After Omaha, we went on our way to Denver. Driving through Nebraska was so exciting. There were farms, and farms, and farms, and oh! I almost forgot to mention the farms! If it wasn’t for Pat Mcafee podcast and Mariah’s Sweet Sweet Fantasy baby, it would have been unbearable.

Denver was really cool though. The mountains were really as beautiful as they seem in pictures and they just make you feel so small- er smaller in my case. There are 958723482 breweries in Denver and we enjoyed them all. We also got to check out Red Rock which was certainly a bucket lister.

Salt Lake City was a little different than I expected, but we stayed in a really cool place right downtown. The backdrop of the mountains just makes everything so scenic here.

We also got to check out Arches National Park. And good gravy was this an experience. The park is absolutely breathtaking and pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s one of those things you have to see to really appreciate its beauty.

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff.  Our last stop was booked last minute because we didn’t want to drive another 8 hours on the day we had to move in. We found a quaint little town right over the California state line called, Colfax. It looked like something from the 1800’s, a small mining town. The people were friendly and the best part was our AirBnB host. She was the sweetest woman and she made us apple pancakes for breakfast.

So that’s it. Our crazy adventure across the country. 3,000 miles, countless podcasts, and a few sing-a-longs later, we arrived at our new home, San Francisco.

I think that everyone should take part in a cross-country road trip. Not only is it scenic and soul soothing, but being confined in close quarters for hours at a time is also a wonderful way to see if you are really compatible with someone. If you can endure a cross country road trip without killing the other person you’re with, I’d say you found a keeper. Guess I found mine.


Author: Melissa

A girl living in this crazy, beautiful, extraordinary world.

3 thoughts on “Road Trippin’”

    1. We love it! It’s a beautiful city and there is so much to do! The weather is great although I wish it was a tad bit warmer lol


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