Savannah pt. 3; Thirsty?

There are a ton of watering holes in Savannah but these are definite faves.

The Alley Cat

This place is my favorite cocktail bar in Savannah. It’s a bit hidden down an alley which is part of the allure, but my favorite part of this place is the menu. It’s a newspaper. That’s right, a good old-fashioned black and white newspaper. They have a TON of options and throughout the newspaper, you’ll find a bunch of fun little stories all usually pertaining to alcohol.

Jens and FriendsFullSizeRender

Kids today will never know that elation we felt when we opened our lunch boxes to find a fruit roll up or a Rice Krispie treat waiting for us.  So while they munch on their organic gluten-free sweet potato chips, we can indulge our inner child with an adult beverage with some of our favorite childhood treats! This place has hundreds of fun and funky martinis including Snickers bar, Rice Krispie, and Fruit roll-up.

Rocko’s Lounge

This place has pretty cool. It has more of a 70’s vibe and there’s an old-school photo booth that you have to take pictures in obviously. The drinks are pretty affordable and they often have live music.

Abe’s on Lincoln

So there’s always that one dive bar that you just have to check out and Abe’s is it. Bring a pen, and be sure you add your own picture of Abe to the collection that covers the bar!


Another nice cocktail spot. The atmosphere here is really cool, and like most of Savannah, it has history. (Yes, it actually was an old artillery, you’re brilliant.) Anyway, they have little buttons at each table for you to push and the server will come take your order. Pretty nifty; not to mention the drinks are fabulous.

Rocks on the Roof

So the drinks aren’t anything super spectacular but with a view like that, they don’t have to be.


Rocks on the Roof 



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