Savannah pt. 2: Food for days

Food, food, and more food

Savannah is home to around 700 restaurants and we really made it our business to try a variety of different places while we were there. Seriously, I’m not saying that as a hyperbole either. We literally have been to about 40 different restaurants. Don’t judge me. Anyway, there is something for everyone; Check it.

Cotton and Rye

Cotton and Rye is a little ways from downtown Savannah and certainly one of our favorite spots to go. It’s unpretentious and more of a hipster-esq dining experience. The cocktails are great and the food is delicious too. And my go-to food of choice here?  A burger. Look I know, a burger doesn’t sound like “the thing to get” but trust me when I say it was one of the best burgers we’ve had. This is a pretty big deal for me too because if I’m being honest I am not one to eat a lot of red meat, but this burger made the cut and it was just fabulous. They ground their own meat and cure their bacon in house and it really comes together so nicely. Not to mention- you get a whopping pile of fries with the burger. Seriously, SO MANY FRIES.

Collins QuarterIMG_3049

Three words. Lavender mocha latte. This place is a must especially for breakfast/brunch while you’re in Savannah. It’s a chic little farm-to-table place that has it all. The Lavender mocha latte is the signature drink here and it is just fabulous. They even have little sprigs of lavender in it! If that’s not your thing then their brunch menu is sure to tickle your fancy. They have everything from avocado toast and brioche french toast with fresh berries, to homemade buttermilk biscuits and gravy with sausage. De-licious.

Tequila’s Town

Okay, if you’re in the mood for authentic Mexican tacos then this is your place. The pastor is a personal favorite of mine and they do not disappoint. OH, and during happy hour there are $2 margaritas! Yup.

The Ordinary Pub

This place is great and we frequently found ourselves here. It’s more traditional pub-like food and atmosphere and they often have live music. They have a fantastic- I mean fan-flipping-tastic chicken and waffle gyro, I highly recommend it! They also have these massive moscow mule cups to share (or not, I’m not judging) and bottomless mimosas for $10 every day. You’re welcome.

Flying Monk Noodle Bar




This place is Pho-real. (I know, I know.) But seriously this place has some pretty great pho. We also really liked the Master Shifu noodle dish (yup, just like Kung Fu Panda, which may or may not be the reason I originally tried it.)  and the Succulent Pig Plate. This place is a must for anyone looking for your noodle fix, or just trying to ease your hangover.


Pie Society

On the odd chance that it’s rainy or not a sunny, beautiful, warm day in Savannah (I know it’s very unlikely) Pie Society is the perfect place for comfort food. It’s a traditional British pie shop and they have the best pot pies around! The steak and ale is my personal favorite but the chicken and thyme and the steak and mushroom are close seconds!

The Public Kitchen

I love this place for its modern simplicity. Does that make sense? The atmosphere is very nice and they have one of the best chicken salad sandwiches I’ve ever had! My husband was also a huge fan of their Savannah Red Rice. Definitely worth checking out!

Now, I honestly could go on for another 3 pages of places to eat that are all really delicious. Instead, I’ll list the rest and you can check them out yourself. (Didn’t think I’d do ALL the work did you?)

The Pink House– for the fancy evening

The Sandfly– Three words- B-B-Q

Rancho Alegre Cuban Restaurant – fantastic Cuban food (and great live music)

Treylor Park- Avacado fries to fulfill your avocado fetish

Sly’s- mini burgers of all sorts


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