DIY Natural Makeup Remover Pads

DIY Essential Oil Face Wipes/Makeup Remover Pads

These face wipes have quickly become a favorite of mine. I perused some different recipes (Is that the right word?) on Pinterest and used bits and pieces from them to create them. The lavender and tea tree have wonderful benefits for the skin and leave me feeling so fresh and so clean, clean. So first, a little about the ingredients I chose.

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What you need:

Small mason jar

Organic cotton round pads

1 tsp Dr.Bronner Castile Soap

½ cup Distilled Water

1 tsp Carrier oil like Jojoba Oil or Coconut Oil

Essential Oils of choice- 5 drops of each Tea Tree and Lavender

Mix all liquid ingredients together in the jar and then add cotton pads. Push them down until they soak up the liquid.


Viola! I like using these to refresh my face and I love knowing the ingredients are organic without chemicals 🙂 Be careful using around the eyes, the castile soap is strong and may sting a bit!


Sources:  Jojoba oil, Tea tree , Lavender, 
Pinterest posts: Here and Here

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