Living essentials

The more research that’s done the more we realize there are some pretty wicked and crazy chemicals in everything we use. (I mean seriously, formaldehyde in some of our cosmetics? Gross.)

Anyway, just as we watch what type of food we put in our body, it’s just as important to learn about what we put on our body. Our skin is our largest organ after all and what we put on it gets absorbed into our bloodstream.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to read and learn as much as I can about natural ingredients and essential oils seem to be all the buzz nowadays. I too have used them for their therapeutic properties but only recently am I realizing their true potential! Essential oils, used properly, can be used in so many different products. I decided to do some research and have a go at making some, kind of like a guinea pig. Some concoctions are quite wonderful and quickly have become staples for us. Others- well, I could do without.

I also am looking into getting my aromatherapy certification, to add that to my bag of tricks. Ah, I wear many hats.


Author: Melissa

A girl living in this crazy, beautiful, extraordinary world.

2 thoughts on “Living essentials”

  1. That’s so true!! There are so many gross ingredients in the readily available over the counter skin/makeup supplies… I didn’t realize it at all until I started to research it too.

    You make a good point, many people are so careful about what they put in their body, but they never consider what they put ON their body! Thanks for sharing.


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