How to Recycle Old Trophies

More trophies, mo’ problems.

Last summer when I was moving into my grandpop’s house, I realized I had a problem. I had way too many trophies. I  know you’re probably thinking, “Too many trophies? How can that be a problem? How can being so awesome be such a hassle?”

Well, I’ll tell you. There just wasn’t going to be enough room in my new room for all of them, so I needed to get rid of them. But just the thought of throwing out my U12 Olympic conference champions trophy made me a bit sad. Each trophy was a little piece of my childhood, growing up as an athlete. Not to mention, someday I want to brag to my kids about how awesome I was. 

So I went to work brainstorming how I could minimize the space taken up by these mementos and voila! Two words came to mind. Shadow boxes.

I went to Michael’s and bought three little shadow boxes. Then I got to work taking off the plaques off of my trophies. I used a screwdriver and was able to get most off without a problem. Then I rearranged the pieces with some medals and old sweaty captain’s bands and completed the project. This is what I call a win- win-win situation.  


What did you do with your old trophies?


Author: Melissa

A girl living in this crazy, beautiful, extraordinary world.

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